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Bench ULTIMO for wood stove de Me Mr Muller

Finish 2 coats of vanish anthracite satiny

Bookshelf steel and glass

Varnished Polished steel finish of shelf safety glass 

Varnished Polished steel finish

TV unit steel and glass

Spectacular steel unit, shelves in cut-out steel and one glass shelf

length 125 x height 200 x depth 45 et 30 cm

varnished warm grey finish

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price indicative 1395 €

Coffe table

Chariot industrial-style coffee table with varnished polished steel finish on 3 castors

Steel loft style TV unit on castors

made-to-measure steel loft style TV unit on castors

Varnished anthracite finish

Loft style steel sliding door and glass

industrial style door in steel and glass. for a loft-style interior, choose this made-to-measure sliding metal and

reinforced glass door- steel warm grey varnished finish

length 170 x height 215 cm

price indicative 1680 €

Le BAR in the shape of a steel crescent

This made-to-measure BAR will take its place in your apartment or house as a decorative and fun object, in riveted

steel with a polished steel finish


length 160 height 115 depth 40 cm Price 2668 €


BAR  de comptoir sur mesures


Bookshelf steel finish and metal perforate desktop 770 €

Bookshelf-Steel and glass made-to-measure bookshelf

Hall Bookcase in metal with a curved shelf in frosted safety glass



le Did you know? our extras-our choice of metal finishes

 16 weeks' delivery time

Suggested price1280 €