Eric and Beatrice Choury, creators of designer furniture in the industrial style (recup'Art), will make you unique items of made-to-measure furniture in paginated steel


Interior design and made to-measure furniture consultants

 A personalised made-to-measure design a large bookshelf in metal finish polished

steel and hammered steel with two coats of varnish

Length Total 420 cm

height 295 cm 

depth  20 and 30 cm

suggested price for the ensemble, finished, delivered and assembled 7480 €

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<-------  Metal structure finish warm grey  and oak vieilli

Metal structure finish warm grey and 5 shelves in solid oak

Length 81 cm height 202 cm depth 25 cm


Finish 2 coats of vanish wood and metal



 Did you know ? our extras- our choice of metal finishes

  14 weeks'delivery time

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Length 80 x 30 x height 250 cm

3 U-bend shelves and

4 L-bend shelves

The shelves are slightly offset to the or right of centre




 Did you know? our extras-our choice of metal finishes

 16 weeks'delivery time

Varnished polished steel and oak bookshelf, stained grey TN 508 J and varnished

                         artist's design for the client

             bookshelf in metal and solid oak 

 Made and pre-assembled in the workshop

Composed of two vertical units 99 cm wide-12 shelves in oak stained grey and one  unit of 8 shelves in

metal 81 cm wide- finish polished steel varnished

 Total length 279 cm Height 220 depth 25 cm 

See the project HERE



Did you know ? our extras- our choice of metal finishes 


Choice and depth in bookshelf

Choice and Length shelves in oak and shelves in metal

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This Deco BOOK Bookshelf in steel with 3 horizontal shelves and 2 diagonal shelves will give an original and contemporary look wherever you place it

Did you know ? our extras-our choice of metal finishes

 length 60 x depth 28 x height 200 cm -

Shelves width 50 x depth 25 cm

 It is wall-mounted


16 weeks'delivery time

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For you we create made-to-measure metal furniture