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Un travail  de détournement, de récup et de créativité autour de l'acier pour un intérieur esprit loft, unique et originale

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Perforated metal 2 doors

Length 120 x depth 50 x height 100 cm

With 1 large drawer on rollers

One internal adjustable-height wood shelf

Removable sliding doors

Removable top and back for easy transport


Did you know? our extras- our choice of wood finishes

14 weeks 'delivery time


 meuble metal sur mesureUNIT 2 doors and 1 drawer in varnished polished steel

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Table format carré Autres dimensions aux choix

 5 x 5 cm tubular structure

Did you know ? our extras our choice of metal finishes  

Finish 2 coats satiny of vanish metal 

14 weeks' delivery time

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Large size for this loft style table- Removable legs

Others sizes available

tubular structure 4 x 4 cm

Length 200 x height 75 cm  

 with 2 x 60 cm extensions

giving a total

size of 320 cm = 14 place settings


 the 120 cm  width= 16 place settings

 did you know ? our extras +

 our choice of metal finishes  

FINISH 2 coats of vanish metal

 14 weeks' delivery time 

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Loft-style metal table-rust and solid oak finish

Tha taper legs bolt on and off

Distressed oak table top and ULTIMO bench in patinated metal

FINISH 2  COATS of vanish wood and metal

Choice and depth 75 à 105 cm - height 75 cm 


                                   table style loft metal et bois

       Did you know ? our extras + our choice of metal finishes               

 14 weeks' delivery time

Beni metal and wood bookshelf

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Made to-measure bookshelf in metal ans solid oak

<-------  length 80 cm and 5 shelves

           height 200 cm Price 895 €


Did you know ? our extras- our choice of metal and wood finishes

Structure metal de 180 à 220 cm and choice height

detail bibliothèque BENI


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   Seat in solid French oak natural satin varnish

Metal structure in 3 x 3 cm tube

FINISH 2 COATS OF VARNISH wood and metal

Choice of lengths and heights- Depth 35 cmBanc sur mesures en métal Patine gris chaud et chêne naturel        

 Did you know ? our extras - our choice of metal finishes

    14 weeks'delivery time

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This Deco BOOK Bookshelf in steel with 3 horizontal shelves and 2 diagonal shelves will give an original and contemporary look wherever you place it

Did you know ? our extras-our choice of metal finishes

 length 60 x depth 28 x height 200 cm -

Shelves width 50 x depth 25 cm

 It is wall-mounted


16 weeks'delivery time

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 To keep this large item light, we have added tapering legs and double horizontal rails  

 Finish 2 coats of vanish wood and metal


Did you know ? our extras +

our choice of metal finishes 

Made-to-measure steel and wood coffee table

Metal warm grey finish and

Solid oak stained silver grey

length 170 x 130 x 45 cm high

                table basse acier et bois sur mesure                           

  14 weeks' delivery time 

This table can be made as a DINING TABLE to seat 10