Dining tables with extensions

Dining table LOFT XL with metal extensions from 2135,00 €

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  • Description

Large size for this loft style table- Removable legs

Others sizes available

tubular structure 4 x 4 cm

Length 200 x height 75 cm  

 with 2 x 60 cm extensions

giving a total

size of 320 cm = 14 place settings


 the 120 cm  width= 16 place settings

 did you know ? our extras +

 our choice of metal finishes  

FINISH 2 coats of vanish metal

 14 weeks' delivery time 

Dining table LOFT made-to-measure, metal with extending top from 1378,00 €

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  • Description

 A trendy loft-style dining table with extending top

Removable legs      Others sizes available

 tubular structure  3 x 3 cm

With two independent 40 cm

pour extensions to entertain a few more people at home

 2 extending steel 40 cm  

   Length 120 + 2 x 40 = total 200 cm 

    table repas metal avec allonges


 Did you know ? our extras + our choice of metal finishes

Finish 2 coats of vanish metal

             14 weeks' delivery time

Dining table WOOD LOFT, with metal extensions from 1678,00 €

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  • Description

LOFT style contemporary dining table with extensions and table top in solid oak- Removable legs- Others sizes available

 tubulare structure 3 x 3 cm

2 x 40 cm  extensions in steel

       Length 120 + 2 x 40 = total 200 cm               table avec rallonges metal et bois sur mesure  

Did you know ? our extras +

 our choice of metal finishes     

Finish 2 coats of vanish metal    

 14 weeks' delivery time          

Dining table CHARMILLE 1 ou 2 extensions from 1594 €

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  • Description

Table repas aux lignes pures

et contemporaines pour un

intérieur style loft

Plateau encastré en Chêne massif

structure tubes de 8 x 4 cm

Option 1 ou 2  allonges


FINISH 2 coats of vanish wood and metal 

le saviez vous ? notre +

nos Patines métal aux choix